Future Visions - Interview with Tuomas Karhunen Part V

Over the past weeks, Tuomas Karhunen shared his story, his views and what he has been up to in the past few years. But now it is time to talk about the future to end this interview series, and let me tell you, things will get really interesting!


If you missed it, check out Part I, II , III and IV of the interview.

The Metal Phenomenon: What can people expect from you in this year?

Tuomas Karhunen: I want to put out some new Forgotten Horror material. Not a full-length, but some kind of advance stuff, or even demo recordings. Just some new songs out in the open. Forgotten Horror is definitely my no. 1 priority and no. 1 focus with music now. The most important thing is to finally make it an active band that performs live as well. That is something that is really important. I am going crazy if we do not start playing regularly and often.

So fully activating, or “re-booting,” Forgotten Horror in that sense and then there's also the "solo project." I have almost a full-length worth of songs ready, but they are really tough sketches so I still have to arrange them. I have some stuff recorded and I think I'll release something this year with me doing the lead clean vocals for the first time, so I'm conquering some new areas with that. You’ll definitely hear something new from Forgotten Horror and that other project very soon.

With the other bands, with Deathchain, we’re also getting more active again this year. I actually took some time off my duties with the bass guitar with True Black Dawn–for a couple of gigs at the beginning of the year there has been a replacement–but I am back and the permanent bass player in that band and we’re making new stuff. I am not sure about the schedule but most likely I will be playing live with True Black Dawn. It has been a bit quiet on the music front for the past two years for me, so now it is time to focus on that side as well.

There is a lot going on, I feel so excited about this year because I am also negotiating two different contracts for my debut as an author. I am actually writing both fiction and non-fiction, and the interested publisher for the non-fiction stuff is relatively big in Finland. That comes later, but this year I probably will have my first short story published, that'll probably be in English and Finnish for sure, maybe in Swedish and Spanish too. I am still not sure which languages to use.

Forgotten Horror live at Hammer Open Air 2012. (Photo by Maija Lahtinen)

TMP: Can you give a teaser on the topic of the short story?

T: Ummm, nope (laughing). It must remain a secret for now. I will open a “Becoming an author” section on my website in July, where I give some teasers and a possibility to become a part of a reader test group, and all that kinds of stuff. All in all, after my website is updated in July, I want it to become a place where there’s actual intelligent discussion about topics such as music, visual arts, literature, philosophy etc. etc. The discussion platform is great and you can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account and all that kind of jazz.

We could do another interview on how addictive writing dialogue is, I just love that. I am seriously concerned that I will start enjoying writing fiction more than composing music. As mentioned, I’m preparing some kind of audiovisual teaser material for my website and YouTube, so that's going to be there.

I also work with graphic design, 3D modeling, digital painting and coding as well, and with the books I’m working with the same artist, that made some art for the first album of Forgotten Horror, Erika Meijide Jansen. She’s probably working with the concept art for the novel and short story. It is going to be a story, but it has many forms. Some parts will be visual. Audiobook. Narrated animated videos. Different kind of ways to tell that story, not just in writing. You’ll find all that info on my website in both English and Finnish.

Deathchain Live. (Photo by Toni Salminen(

TMP: So, I guess this year you will not be bored.

T: Nope, just conquering obstacles and getting busy doing the things I love. I mean, how could you become bored in a single lifetime to all the fascinating things going on in this planet?

To the readers out there, I really encourage you to check out my website late July, for it is the crucible, the melting pot, for all this different stuff. Go get some, and see you on the road somewhere! Stay metal, stay true and follow your heart, wherever it leads you… WHEREVER it leads you. Also, I want to thank you, Nina, for this interview and for being a real friend in times of need.


You can find more information on Tuomas and the bands here: Website, Facebook, Forgotten Horror, Deathchain, True Black Dawn.

Information on the Cannabis Advocacy: Cannabis News Site Lohari, Patientorganisation Kannabisliitto.

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